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Brand Story


Blazz is a revolutionary P2P Digital Referral platform born out the frustration of business owners who suffered expensive yet ineffective and offline marketing campaign for years. They finally decided there must be a better way to market a brand. And the better way is Blazz.

With Blazz, our merchants only pay for results. You don’t incur any upfront marketing fee. You pay Blazz when customers referred by Blazz pays you.

Our Mission


This is the vision that we chase and we will realize this vision by following the 5 pillars that define our daily mission.

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Brand Position

Our Business

P2P Digital Referrals

Our Business defines the space that we are here to dominate and that space is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Digital Referrals

Our Vision

The Best Marketing ROI in Asia

Our Vision defines the future that we want to create for the brand

Our Brand Values


We listen carefully to clients and colleagues to understand their pain points


We keep searching for new ideas that can make us better, faster, and smarter


We get today's work done by today as tomorrow will bring new work for us


We do everything in our power to become the best of the best in what we do


Chief Inspiration Officer

Rose believes that the key to success is to create something that 100 people absolutely love and cannot live without rather than something that one million people like a little bit.

This is why as Chief Inspiration Officer of Blazz, she focuses her energy on making the platform totally relevant to the spesific group of customers. It was created to serve rather than try to appeal to everyone in the market.

Rose also believes that you should just focus on the one thing that you are good at and work hard to become the best of the best.

Prior to founding Blazz, Rose was an accomplished marketing whizz who generates sales entirely via word of mouth. This is why Blazz has become such an effective P2P Digital Referral Platform.

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Antonius Ng

Chief Innovation Officer

Antonius believes the key to success is to be an innovator rather than an imitator. That is why as Chief Innovation Officer of Blazz, he always encourages his colleagues to find new ways to do things better, faster, and smarter.

He also believes innovation doesn't need to be expensive or complex. He told his colleagues the story of when man first went to space. They need something to write with and normal pens don't work as there is no gravity so the ink won't flow. So, what do you do?

You can spend US$2 million to develop something like the Fisher Space Pen with a pressurized ink cannister, so that you can write in space.

Or, you can simply use an old-fashioned (and dirt cheap) 2B pencil.

Our Milestone

Years passed and still counting!


Our Platforms

We expand every needs, so enjoy!

Blazz Web Based

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The Amazing Team

Meet Our Super Team

Nastassja Michelle
Nastassja Michelle

Software Engineer

Shakira Yunisa
Shakira Yunisa

Software Engineer