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By taking the concept of recommendations and adding technology into the mix, Blazz offers businesses the leverage of word-of-mouth marketing in an easy-to-use platform. Blazz allows you to create a robust referral program that scales your growth by incentivizing referrals and empowers you to turn data-driven insights into actionable customer engagement opportunities.



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Why become a Blazz Merchant?

Word of Mouth is 6x More Powerful

People tend to believe their friends and family more than any type of marketing campaigns

Big Exposure Minus The Spending

With real cash incentives, Blazz is a new age P2P Digital Referral platform that is self-replicating.

Know Who Really Loves Your Brand

We uncover who the true advocates of your brand are by sifting through the social media ocean.

Build Your Very Own Loyalty Program

We let you harness your biggest asset - your existing customers - to act as business multipliers.

What Did They Say?

Shout out from our merchants that have enjoyed their milestone with Blazz

On Point Marketing!

Blazz provides a marketing scheme that is very good and on point, we incur marketing costs only when someone makes a transaction, so the success rate of the promo is proportional to the costs incurred. And the important thing is the effect of words of mouth that will happen naturally


Sei Sapi Lamalera

All in One App

We have a few power users on our referral program, who have driven us a tons of referrals, and they’ve made quite a bit of money by referring and we are certainly happy paying them. What is good about this app is that I can easily look at my phone to see the no. of people who use everyday in real time, and even know who the power referrers and how much sales they have referred to my reflexi parlors


Chien Khang Thang

Best Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

It was easy to set up, the platform forms an auto driven customer referral program by enabling users to share my promotions with a click of a button after each new purchase. It is the best word of mouth marketing strategy I have used and the staff adding features also made it easy for me to reward my staffs by motivating them to make users refer. Strongly recommend to other merchants out there to try


Dolly Asian Live House


Frequently Asked Questions

The Referral Success Rate is one of the most direct ways you can measure your referral program's performance. It essentially measures how much the referral program contributes to your store's sales.

Under your business account in Blazz, you can click under merchant analytics and access reports and analysis tools for all your promos. Blazz calculates your Referral Used for each promo based on the referral fee set by you. You can select the date filter by date, month, past 30 days or simply key in the date range you wish to search.

We have some tips for you. First is choose attractive Referral Rewards & Offers. Second, enroll as many Advocates as you can. Third, pptimize your referral emails and social media exposure.

Ambassadors are users that have used the app for redemptions in your store, in other words, only advocates can refer. Hence, naturally, the more advocates you have in your referral program, the higher its likelihood of success. This is something we've observed, after helping thousands of retailers run their referral programs.

Here are some ways you can maximize the number of Ambassadors in your referral program: first, create attractive promos to attract users. Second, feature your referral program on your social media. Third, invite your past customers to join your referral program. Fourth, share your referral link via social media.

It generally takes around 4-6 months for a store to build up referral momentum and achieve a steady state of Referral Success Rate. Hence, it is of absolute importance for all your current users to use the app for redemptions at your store so they will all build up to a bigger database for your future referral to kick in.